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  • Accounting Basics

    Understand the basics of bookkeeping and accounting.

  • Managing Your Cashflow

    Profit is different from Cash. This is a must-understand principle for business owners.

  • Understanding Your Financial Statements

    What are the key financial statements for your business? How do you read or interpret them?


  • Mayowa Olusoji


    Mayowa Olusoji

    Mayowa is a dynamic Knowledge instructor at AT&T Consulting and a Smartstewards Coach. He has over 15 years of Financial Management & Business Analysis experience with one of UK’s largest Financial Institution. He is a knowledge simplifier who specializes in interpretation, analysis, and simplification of information. Mayowa holds an MBA from Leeds Business School, UK. He is also a seasoned Project Consultant and an entrepreneur, an avid reader, and an excellent communicator. He is the Know-Be-Do Champion. Mayowa Olusoji MBA Twitter - @mayowa_olusoji Instagram – mayowaolusoji

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